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Louisiana based PcHousekeeping is a service dedicated to meeting your web site design needs. Your site could be as simple as one page, or as complex as an e-commerce site. We love to be challenged, but realize that some want to start their web presence slowly. A great way to go is for you to pick a site that you like using Google, and propose that we build along those lines. Look at the sites of your competition to get ideas.


Here are a few of the sites we have done, and they reflect the needs and desires of the client in each case. They are not a reflection of our personal tastes or highest level of skill. We give our opinions, but in the end the client is always right. Click the image to visit the live site.

Sunbelt Lodge was built from a third party template, and we had to change the look a good bit. Using templates in this way can hold the price down and make for easy changes in the future. sunbelt-lodge.jpg
RXPert USA required that the client be able to do updates to newsletters so we came up with a solution using templates and Contribute.

Notice: The site owner does a lot of the work on the content himself with Contribute and the site is reflective of his own ideas.

rxpert usa
Langlinais & Broussard is one of our earliest efforts. It was built with FrontPage which we only use for maintenance now. L&B CPA
Granny Annie's Homemade Soap is a family project that gets a plug because my wife is Granny Annie. granny annie
Catfish Wholesale asked for a simple low priced site. catfish
NowCoupons.com is a website we built to provide coupons to online shoppers. nowcoupons


The content ideas have to come from you since only you know your business. Graphics can be inspired by your existing company logos or art. Pictures can be done with a digital camera by us or from pictures that you already have. We can generate text, but in the end you will have to approve it's correctness. We can give you a price once we know your exact needs. The idea is to put it together, and present it for approval. Our price will be very competitive and the service personal. We have done simple one page sites for a $100, but they can range into the multi thousand dollar range if the client wants.

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