Web Site Statistics

If you undertake any site promotion effort you need to have a baseline from which to gage progress. That's where site statistics come in. If you use Apache servers like we do then the server will keep a log of your traffic. Other servers have logs too but our experience is with Apache. To get your stats in a friendly form some kind of log analyzer is used, and ICDSoft comes with AWStats.


If you are not one of our clients you probably have something different. If you are one our customers type http://www.example.com/stats/ in your browser address bar for the Webalizer which can be helpful. Then after checking that try http://www.example.com/stats/awstats/. Remember to put your own domain name.

If you don't see your stats let us know so we can get them turned on, and they should be password protected for your privacy. It updates every 24 hours and has a wealth of information.

Making Sense of Server Statistics

It takes time getting the most out of web site traffic statistics and I'll just give you a couple of links to get started. For AWStats here is a list of features. Also you can try this article entitled Understanding AWstats.