SEO Services - Do You Need Them?

The need for SEO or search engine optimization really depends on how much you will be depending on web search for visitors. Beware of big promises for little money. There is only so much room at the top of the search results and not all can be there. If you are in a competitive niche expect fierce competition for the top. If you are selling pictures to decorate the walls of dog houses it should be easy to be in the top ten.

SEO Promotion - What it Involves

It involves building great pages and getting inbound links to your site. For the first part of the equation read the three part series of posts entitled "Building The Perfect Page" by pageoneresuslts at This is a fairly technical area some of which is covered in basic good web page design. The inbound link effort can be done by whoever manages the site, but SEO experience is definitely helpful as not all links are created equal.


You will notice that the topic of keywords keeps cropping up. Keywords in your site correspond with words someone might actually type into the search field in Google or Yahoo. They need to be coordinated throughout your site. They need to relate between headings, body text, links, and meta tags. In an ideal word they would be picked before the page is written. If you will click on "View Source" in your browser you will see at the top of the code for this page a lot of mentioning "SEO Services". It's also mentioned in the actual page text. I'm not an expert in this field but you get the idea.

What Is a SEO Service?

We will just give one example here and can't even recommend them. Their site just looks representative of what a good SEO firm would offer. For more read "What to look for in a SEO company".