Networking SUSE to the Web and Locally

I don't have a lot of networking experience, but have managed in the past to use a Linksys router to tie four machines together and then to the internet. Setting up a shared printer on a Windows 98 machine drove me a little crazy once. This buy comparison went pretty smooth.

The TCP/IP must of went good cause I can't find any notes on it, and there is always a trail of notes when the problems come. In no time I was on the internet through the router and downloading Thunderbird for email which for some reason wasn't with the SUSE "evaluation version". KMail comes installed and looks great, but I'm using Thunderbird on my other machine. Now with Firefox and Thunderbird working I feel in touch.

The next challenge was setting up some shared folders and sharing the network printer. I didn't really need any shared folders but had to try it. The printer set up uses CUPS which is standard on most Linux distributions. It seemed to be easier than my Windows experience even having to get a driver for my HP Deskjet 932c.