Chronicles of My SUSE LINUX 9.3 Effort

I now have openSUSE 10.2 installed and a few pages detailing that effort.

My idea here is to give someone new to Linux the courage to plunge in and try it. A couple of weeks ago Linux to me was just part of the background noise of the web. It was something that I new nothing about other than that it was Open Source, free, and developed by somebody named Linus. It's a valid substitute for Microsoft Windows. If you have ever installed Windows and feel comfortable with it's file system you can do this. From what I read Linux is getting easier all the time.

Linux has been in the back of my mind for a couple of years. It seemed like a good idea for the really smart, and of course beyond my ability. A couple of months ago I was given another dead PC that was estimated at $250 to repair and not worth it. The around four year old Compaq was supposed to have a dead processor and hard drive. Come to find out only the drive was bad and for $60 I've got a "new" computer.

After looking at several Linux distributions I started with MEPIS, but never really got it going. In one of the many forums where I was gathering information there was a poll for Linux users to indicate their favorite, and SUSE was at the top of the list. SUSE LINUX became my focus and now I have it smoothly running.