Description of My PC for openSUSE 10.2

Yes we are booting two SUSE distributions on the same PC but that will probably change with the dumping of the older version. For now the PC is pretty much as described here with three exceptions.

Doubled the Memory

We grabbed 128 more MB’s of RAM that we had laying around after another upgrade project. The total of 256 MB feel real good for this set up.

Upgraded The Video Card

It’s a lot easier to add your new hardware prior to the openSUSE install. We wanted the 3D graphics and our on board video wouldn’t give it. I found a nVidia GeFource4 MX 420 left over from my Dell upgrade, and stuck it in after the openSUSE install. When it rebooted the only way to finish the video card install was in "text mode" which I had never used. That wasn’t to bad with a little Google.

New Used Monitor

My wife and I happened to be in a nearby Goodwill and I lucked on a nice 17" Dell CRT monitor for $3.99. At that price you can take a chance and help a good cause. It paid off as this one is way better than the old one.