Printing with openSUSE 10.2 Using Networked Printer

First I installed the Samba server via Yast and marked it as "Not a Domain Controller". Make sure at some point to check the Firewall and have it open for Samba. Now use Yast to install your printer. It will walk you through the process. I used CUPS.

Accessing The Web

For the web I use Firefox 4.0 and Thunderbird for email. They are all I use on my XP machine so I’m right at home with the setup.

File Sharing

I set it up just to prove that it can be done. I have three PC’s on the network and it will share with my XP even though I probably will never use it.

Apache Server

Being a web design guy, the Apache server that comes in the distribution makes a nice testing ground. It has the latest MySQL database and PHP. If you have need of these you can probably figure out how to set them up with all the available information on the web.