Now I Have openSUSE 10.2

If you followed my earlier stuff on SUSE 9.3, you will see how I got to this point. Up until a couple of weeks ago I had a dual boot set up with Windows 2000 and SUSE 9.3. I tried iTunes on the Windows side and for some reason iTunes fried it. This was all the excuse I needed to try the latest SUSE which is now called openSUSE.

I had been keeping an eye on openSUSE since 10.0 came out. There seemed to be too many whiners with this one and also with the 10.1 version. On Dec 7,2006 openSUSE announced their release of 10.2. It’s what they call a "Released Version" which means that they feel like it’s ready for prime time.

From their announcement: “As usual, we ship all the latest open source packages available at the time. But we want to give special mention to the redesigned GNOME and KDE desktop, Firefox 2.0, ext3 as new default file system, support for internal SD card readers, new power managment and last but not least our improved package management”.