My Install of the Free SUSE LINUX 9.3

Before the 5th download was complete I began the install going for a dual boot with Windows 2000 on half and SUSE aimed at the other half. I actually had to stop and wait about an hour for the last disk to download. The partioning part required a little head scratching and consulting different help sources via my other office PC. The dual boot set up worked without any effort from me. For some nice screen shots of what it looks like check this review on the Novell site.

At one point I believe there was an option to pick KDE or GNOME but if so I missed it and it defaulted to KDE which is fine with me. At that point I didn't even know what they were anyway. Both are great desktop environments. That's one thing I've discovered that with Linux you have lots of great options.

YaST is the GUI that SUSE uses to allow you to configure most of the system and the addons that you will want. The first thing you will do is to use YaST to do an online update and later it will guide you through the installation of many of the "packages" you might want. Many features such as Firefox and OpenOffice come pre installed but others you add as needed. I've been playing with this thing for a few weeks and still haven't checked it all out.

My grand kids love all the games and the screen saver has never ending variations. I am still seeing new ones pop up. It's now set up in what the acronym lovers call LAMP. Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP or some other language starting with P like Perl.