Installing openSUSE 10.2

I used my existing SUSE 9.3 to format the partitions that had held Windows 2000. I picked the ext3 file system when asked. The new install went through all the partitioning again.

As I had said earlier the only glitch was that it didn't like two of the CD’s that I had burned and they had to be redone. It walks you through everything fairly smoothly. At some point it asks you to pick a root password. What ever you do don't loose it.

For the network settings I just used the defaults, and the internet connection was made on the first try.

It found all my hardware and completed my configuration. This install went smoother than SUSE 9.3 over a year ago. I don't think that I'm that much sharper now. It just worked I'm happy to say.

I checked the sound by putting a Music CD in and with Amarok it played. Now I prefer the Kaffeine Player and have Santana on as I work. The visualizations are hypnotic.

It all just "works". If I can you can with occasional help from LinuxQuestions and Google.