Get SUSE - Download or Buy

SuSE was bought a while back by NOVELL and is one of hundreds of Linux distributions. From what I see they are doing a pretty good job. They now have it as officially SUSE LINUX and you can go to their site for all the details.

I got the Professional 9.3 version. They offer a boxed set or a "free evaluation version" download which is what I got. The boxed set is the heaviest box of software I have ever hoisted and is supposed to have some nice manuals. If I had the cash it would be mine. At Best Buy it was just under $100 and on the NOVELL site it's the same. You can follow this link to Amazon and get it for $79.99 as of this writing. This route will support my site. The boxed set comes with a certain number of months of support.

I chose to download the 5 CD SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3. It requires 5 separate downloads of 650MB each, 3.3GB in total, which took me about 20 hours with DSL. They are ISOs so download the files to your PC and follow the directions that came with your CD burner that relate to putting an ISO image on a CD. It's worth the time to read a little and get this right as you will be using your 5 disks a lot. Here is a list of mirror download sites for the Americas. If you don't have a ftp tool yet I have a page on that. If you have a slow connection there are places that offer the evaluation version 5 CD set cheep through the mail, but I didn't look into that.

This "free evaluation version" has no time limit and works fine, but it doesn't have the books or paid support. You need to rely on the documentation that comes with it and it's pretty good. Google and the forums get you the rest of the way. If you are new to linux be prepared to prowl the forums when you go with the advanced set ups. My favorites for SUSE so far are: and SuSE Linux.