Get openSUSE - Download or Buy

Really there are three options for getting openSUSE. You can get it via the mother of all downloads at You can buy the boxed version from Novell for $59.95. Finally you can try and buy it from someone like They have the 5 CD’s for $9.95 and might be the cheapest route if you have dialup. I have only tried the download route.

The first time I did this I used ftp to download the large ISO files. This time I downloaded BitTorrent and selected the Torrent i386 CD’s from the openSUSE downloads. They have plenty of helpful information and introduced me to torrents. It took about 20 hours for the 5 CD’s to download over DSL. Pay attention to the Checksum information as it will guide you to verifying your downloads as good. I used the free MD5summer 1.2 for Windows and it went well. Before this I never worried about Checksum.

Next I burned the ISO files like images using Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.2 and out of the 5 there where 2 found to be bad during the install. The openSUSE install process spotted the bad ones and I just burned them again. I'm not sure what went wrong on the two bad ones.