ZoneAlarm Antivirus With Firewall - I Bought It

I have now settled on ZoneAlarm Antivirus which comes with their old reliable firewall in the non-pro version. I have had Norton for years and just got tired of it.

I took the 30 day trial of Avast and liked it but it was going to cost me $39 and change for the commercial version. That seemed too steep for me, so I tried the Panda trial. Panda's price was better but I was looking for something even more affordable.

I have used the ZoneAlarm Firewall for years so their combo Antivirus/Firewall seemed like a good deal at $19.95. They show that it was $29.95 but that's of no matter. The download was 26.6 MB and after that it was a 5 minute install. It nicely kept my ZoneAlarm Firewall configurations but informed me that since I was leaving the Pro version that some features wouldn't be there. I checked and those are features that I never use and are mostly for cookie control. I have Spybot for that if need be, but I never worry about cookies. I let them all in and have never been harmed. Now every couple of months I let SpyBot clean out the ones that have a bad reputation.

My opinion is that there is way to much scare tactics going on to sell security utilities. Yes there are evile players out there, but we have to keep it in perspective. Common sense is called for on the web like driving. No software can really protect you from yourself.

I tested ZoneAlarm Antivirus with Firewall by downloading the test files from eicar and all worked fine. I also used the ShieldsUP! test from Gibson Research and everything was in Stealth mode thanks to the ZoneAlarm Firewall.