Choosing FTP Software

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is used to get your files on a web server so that they can be seen on the internet. If you have been working in Notepad and located some server space it's now time to begin thinking of some FTP software to transfer your HTML to the server. If you are trying HTM-Kit as we suggested you will find that it has a built in FTP capability as do FrontPage and Dreamweaver. They are all basically set up the same with a view showing server files on one side and your local PC files on the other side. They are pretty easy to use once you configure your site settings.

FileZilla Version 1.8

FileZilla is a free open source download from the SourceForge web site. Their site is a little geek orientated but it's well worth figuring out how to get their downloads as you will often find great free tools coming from them. Try the latest .exe for Windows users. This one I have used and liked it.

CoffeCup FTP Free Trial

Seems as though we tried CoffeCup's Free trial, but can't remember for sure. It looks easier to get than the one above and quite good. Here is CoffeCup's page to Download CoffeeCup Direct FTP The good thing about a free trial is you can always dump it. This company has been around a long time and supports their products well.

If you want to get on the server fast and make a little change this will save you time as opposed to opening a big application like FrontPage or Dreamweaver. Be careful using a FTP utility on a site with FrontPage extensions. Microsoft is special don't you know?