Email Help for ICDSoft Servers

This is a little quick effort at putting together tips for those setting up email with Outlook Express and using Webmail. You have a POP3 account so ignore the "Web-based E-Mail Account" part. Basically all you have to do is enter "" for both POP and STMP servers. That's without the quotes of course. Make sure you put your actual domain and not "". Then enter your "Account Name" which is the part before the @ symbol in your email address, and the "Password" for your email account. Also put a check in the box to remember the password. Do the SMTP server like this.

account setup


As I said above the servers we are using work with "" in both boxes. Keep in mind that some Internet Service Providers will require a different setup for your Outgoing mail. Try it with settings given here and if that won't work you may have to call your ISP for their requirements. Now that we have that done lets check out Webmail.


This is Web E-Mail that allows you to check your mail over the web anywhere you have a computer with internet access. Simply type your address to Web E-mail into your Browser like this, and you will get the login.

Now log in with your name from the email account which is the part before the @ sign , and your email password.

Now you have the Web E-mail screen that allows your to work with you email on the server form anywhere worldwide. Just leave the messages after you review them, and you can unload them to your computer with Outlook Express later. You can also send from here, and then if you have junk you can delete it here. The help files in here are good if you need more.

email inbox

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