Web Site Design service - More Information


The first thing is to pick a domain name. Go to Whois Search and try your picks and see if they are available. The domain name will be yours as long as the annual registration fee is paid, and the host can take care of that. A host we tested and recommend is ICDSoft, and you can go there and see their package. They show monthly cost, but you can pay for one or more years and get a better rate. Webmasters.com is slightly more expensive, and we have used them at a cost of about $120 annually. Don't worry we handle all of this for you, but if you already have hosting set up we can jump right in and go with them. The web page and domain name are yours, and all you are doing is renting space on their server.


You need to have a plan for getting the news out about your new site. Having this plan from the get go will make life easier in the future, and make sure your expectations are met. Some will promote their site through advertising or just simple inclusion on company media such as business cards. Others will want the best possible exposure that the web has to offer. Make sure you discuss this with whoever builds your site so that no misunderstandings develop.

He have five pages devoted to promotion starting here.


You may want some one to keep your site updated. Are there regular changes that you will need such as a regular newsletter, employee changes, or service offerings? What about future email account set ups? With ICDSoft you can have unlimited separate email accounts such as boss@example.com , and it is our experience that there is way less SPAM associated with your own domain verses an ISP email account. All this could be done for $35 a month for most sites. This is not for redesign work, just normal adds and subtracts to keep the site looking current. We also do maintenance for sites that we didn't build.


If you have an old site, and lost contact with the developer it may need an overhaul. We can give your site an entirely new look or just add a few pages. Would you like to add a newsletter, a form, or anything else for that matter, then give us an e-mail or call and let us know your needs.


If you would like some objective third party input on your site we would be glad hear from you on that. Are your sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck in your present website set up? We may be able to offer you ideas that your present developers would be happy to act on. We are not in the business of bashing here, but making the web world a better place for all involved.

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