A First Step - Web Business Card

A Web Business Card is a placeholder page for a new web hosting account that has all of your contact information. Normally you get one that says something like "Under Construction". I have had several people get their domain name and hosting space well before they were ready to start a web site. Even if you never do a full web site it's good to have your own email addresses that you can carry with you no matter who your Internet Service Provider is.

Get Your Domain Out There

Most business don't print up invoices, letter heads, and business cards that often. When you do it's good to get your domain name and email address in there with your logo, address, and other contact information.

Email Addresses

In my opinion a Hotmail address doesn't look that professional. A bellsouth.net address isn't that great either especially when you change providers and then all your printed materials have the old address. With your own domain and hosting you can keep the same email addresses as long as you want.

Web Business Card

When you set up with a hosting company like ICDSoft you can have the option of having all your companies contact information on the place holder page as opposed to a generic page. If you are going to have your address on your literature then it ought to take your clients to more than an Under Construction page.

ICDSoft Hosting

All of the examples listed on this site are with ICDSoft. Feel free to go to the ICDSoft hosting site and sign up yourself if you want to set up your email accounts and know how to change the welcome page.

If you would like for us to do it here is what we offer. For $65 we will sign you up with ICDSoft and set up all the email accounts. ICDSoft offers an unlimited number of accounts, but for this offer we can only set up the first 30. You will get the domain name of your choice and registered also through ICDSoft. Some people get hosting and the domain name from two providers and later it leads to aggravation. This fee provides for one year of hosting and domain registration.

If you would like your placeholder Welcome Page personalized into a Web Business Card that would be an extra one time fee of $20.00. Here we provide and example of what that would look like.


If you have questions or would like for us to go ahead and set you up use our Contact Us Form. If you are interested in the personalized Welcome page we will let you know what information we need. Remember even if we set you up with your space you can always use anyone else and smoothly build your site. We kinda hope this might give us a foot in the door so to speak but who knows?