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Page Creation Summary

This "leftcolumn" area is set in the template and Contribute can't touch it. Below is a zone added to have editable links. It has a light blue background. If you change the font type or size it could mess up the entire "leftcolumn".


Credit is given to the designer of this free template: It came from R7DESIGNER.COM, but at this time there is no site there.

Contribute Demo

This Contribute Demo was done for a client who wanted to see if there was a way he could add periodic reports to his site without getting a web designer involved. We used Macromedia Contribute 3 which was the current version, but now it's Contribute CS3. It works well with a template created in Dreamweaver MX. Contribute will allow you to edit all the Editable areas in the template, but the rest is off limits. It's easy enough for me to use but only time will tell how the client will do. He was able to interact with the Demo through his copy of Contribute after being sent the Key generated by the program.

Starting with this page we see most of the features as they were tested live on a sub-domain created for the purpose. I'm now bringing the demo we called "DEMCON" over to the main site at PcHousekeeping so that any curious souls could have a look. It begins with the next paragraph where we tried to test most features of Contribute.

This is the "main" editable area. The fonts are 10px as Contribute only allows font size in pixels. Added text at a larger size and type. It's Georgia at 14px with a color #660000.

Here is another font, size, and color.It's a big 18px in Courier New font style with a #FF0000 color.

Find the new page created with Contribute by clicking here.

  This is the "rightcolumn" editable area. It has a font size of 12px to compare with main. Main and Rightcolumn font size is set in the CSS but can be changed when applied from Contribute. The style is applied just to the local page and is not in the external style sheet file. Use caution here as you might mess up the look if you have different font sizes in an editable area.