PcHousekeeping Goes Drupal

In the last few days we have completely redone PcHousekeeping.com with the latest version of Drupal which at this time is 7.2. It's an old site with a lot of content that is out of date, but we wanted to show that we could move from a fixed html site to a modern Drupal CMS.

Everything went fairly smooth. The page URLs have been preserved so whatever was indexed with the search engines should have the same traffic. A good bit of the content is still tied to PC maintenance which we no longer do except for family and friends.

The bulk of our focus these days is web development and as much as possible with Drupal. Since I became envolved with Drupal about a year ago my interest has become an addiction almost. I've even contributed 3 modules to the Drupal community which was  a milestone of sorts.report showing the drupal modules used

If you click the little thumbnail it should bring up a rather large screen capture image of a report in Drupal showing the modules that the site is presently using. We don't have any of the really complicated ones like Views right now because we wanted to keep it fairly simple in the spirit of the old PcHousekeeping site. It's a really big image, but with Firefox I'm able to see it full size and it's just like the actual screen view.


Does not look like many new features, but there was a security issue so went ahead and got it done.