Computer Help-Tune Ups

PC tune up had evolved into a small part of our business, and we still do them only not for money anymore. We do this for friends and family when we have time. I tell them there is no charge, because if I charge I'll have to be nice to them. :) We provide this information for those who might be interested, so ignore all the old pricing information. Thanks to all who took the time to respond to the questionnaire on the original PcHousekeeping page. Some of the comments are shown below, and make interesting reading if you are trying to figure out where we are coming from here. If you want some of the tech speak behind our services you can go to the "Helpful PC Hints" page, but most of the comments indicate to keep it simple, so here goes.

Work on It Here

All I need is the tower and in a day or two it can be running like new for a flat rate of $48. This is not for hardware problems like CD drive or mechanical problems. It is intended to straighten out the mess that can be in the software area. This is where performance comes from. My fast internet connection can do software updates and downloads in minutes that would take hours on dial-up. If your computer is slow or you are concerned about security protections this could be for you. This is part consulting and part service. The consulting depends on what your computer looks like, and what your user needs are. Most of this will be done on the phone after initial examination. At the end the case is opened and the dust removed from the inside.

  • You bring it in for a flat $48

  • Add $21 if you want me to come and get it and bring it back to you in the Kaplan, Maurice, Delcambre triangle.

  • Add $39 to the flat rate if  two round trips to Lafayette are required. This might be less on the South side.

Work at your location

This can be done on a case by case basis, since some of my resources are not mobile. The job would have to be estimated over the phone based on travel and the needs of the customer. It needs to be for predefined needs and would be mostly on an instructional basis. If I can show you in an hour what it would take you three hours to research, then maybe it is worth while. It would be mostly on an hourly basis of $15 per hour including travel.


Comments from Questionnaires (Unedited)

Wouldn't mind having something like that available here. FWIW - Before I retired a couple years ago, a co-worker who was a "'puter guru" would work on anyones 'puter for a flat $50.00, no matter what the problem. Bring it to work, he'd take it home for a day or two, and bring it back working like new, actually better than new. I don't know if he did this for everyone...I suspect he did...but he would ask beforehand if you wanted him to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, or if you wanted this , that or the other latest software, or anti-virus, or whatever installed. Bootleg versions, I'm sure (He always had to have the latest camera, PC, watch, cell phone, or whatever gadget on the market.)------Bill

I actually think this is a really good idea...seriously! I have real trouble taking the time to go through all the basic need-to-know stuff of my computer because: a)I am very busy b)I have no patience. I think it would be great to sell your business as such: 1)First off, it's about time we get personal tutors that aren't round, shiny, and flat. It would be great to have someone come over and show me the basic tricks of the trade and can give me feed back without calling a 1-800 number. 2)A first visit would be a great idea to set up future business with this person. You could be sort-of their "personal shopper". Help them with upgrades and finding out about the latest software (as, most of us amatuers don't know where to begin when we need to find something new in the software realm for our computer. Heck, most of us don't even know what's out there!) I see your business similar to that of a plumber, barber, mechanic, etc. The thing all these guys have in common is that they have regular customers who know them, can call them, and TRUST them. It's about time we get someone like that in the computer world. -----Mike M.

I know just enough to get and send mail, look up info, do some ordering, really basic stuff. i don't know anything about viruses, spam,nor most other terminology. my brother showed me once how to delete unwanted temporary internet files, but i have since forgotten how. i'm a real mess on this thing. SO, this sounds to me to be a very good concept for a service to offer.----Lucy P.

John... Too bad you couldn't travel to NY! I had the computer guy here yesterday. He charges $50 an hour for housecalls. Re: Flat Rate...are you asking per hour? Or per housekeeper call? If per hour...I think it depends on the area you live in. WE live in a very economically depressed area and my computer guy gets $50 an hour. In Michigan, in a middle-upper class area, my friend gets $75 per hour. Not bad..but..does get expensive. Services like yours are needed because I'm such a scaredy cat when it comes to the computer. The only thing I'm good at is messing it up! I think you should DEFINITELY "GO FOR IT"! We have the computer guy do "regular maintenance" every 6 months (now that the computer is our livelihood!). It's about $100 (probably because I mess it up so bad!). He also teaches us stuff when he comes....I find that invaluable! Tell Anne we said hello!! We send you our love, prayers and ENCOURAGEMENT!-----Wendy

John, I think it is a great idea. I get a few calls a month with questions about puters from people who know that I know computers. I know there are people with computers that can't or don't want to try to solve problems. They can't understand tech support if the do get past the waiting. The people buying first computers today are well below "low tech" and there are many computers sitting in the closet because they quit working and they don't know what to do next. There is a new shop here in Kaplan repairing computers by day and preaching the Word at night. He didn't think he would have too much business when he started but he is doing well. Bottom Line...they are out there, go get 'em! Let me know when you get started and I will refer.------Burt

I like the idea. What I would need is someone to answer questions when I need them answered. For example, how to save a program I want to take off the pc and keep on disks or cd. etc. Maybe your service could be a consulting service too, even by phone and you send a bill. Very creative idea you have, John. Maybe you wouldn't have to go to their homes but could walk the client through some of it over the phone? They pay you first, somehow. -----Lois

Am illiterate when come to this computer. Bought it to go with my embroidery machine and is about all I have used it for except e-mail.------Linda

I think this sounds like a good idea. I am the type that is learning but not enough or quickly enough to hang with the technological age and would probably be in need of your services. Liked the information.----Unknown