A First Step - Web Business Card

A Web Business Card is a placeholder page for a new web hosting account that has all of your contact information. Normally you get one that says something like "Under Construction". I have had several people get their domain name and hosting space well before they were ready to start a web site. Even if you never do a full web site it's good to have your own email addresses that you can carry with you no matter who your Internet Service Provider is.

Web Site Design service - More Information


The first thing is to pick a domain name. Go to Whois Search and try your picks and see if they are available. The domain name will be yours as long as the annual registration fee is paid, and the host can take care of that. A host we tested and recommend is ICDSoft, and you can go there and see their package. They show monthly cost, but you can pay for one or more years and get a better rate. Webmasters.com is slightly more expensive, and we have used them at a cost of about $120 annually. Don't worry we handle all of this for you, but if you already have hosting set up we can jump right in and go with them. The web page and domain name are yours, and all you are doing is renting space on their server.

Web Site Design from PcHousekeeping


Louisiana based PcHousekeeping is a service dedicated to meeting your web site design needs. Your site could be as simple as one page, or as complex as an e-commerce site. We love to be challenged, but realize that some want to start their web presence slowly. A great way to go is for you to pick a site that you like using Google, and propose that we build along those lines. Look at the sites of your competition to get ideas.

Welcome to PcHousekeeping Website Design.

Here we provide a little information for those who might be considering
getting a web page, or have a need concerning their existing website.
We understand that most of our clients have little or no knowledge of
techno-speak, and so we try to "keep it simple". If you have a sharp IT guy,
just have him give us a call so we can share acronyms. Simply speaking we
are available to serve your needs in the areas of web design, development,
or consulting. If you have interests in these areas follow the links on the

Now I Have openSUSE 10.2

If you followed my earlier stuff on SUSE 9.3, you will see how I got to this point. Up until a couple of weeks ago I had a dual boot set up with Windows 2000 and SUSE 9.3. I tried iTunes on the Windows side and for some reason iTunes fried it. This was all the excuse I needed to try the latest SUSE which is now called openSUSE.

Description of My PC for openSUSE 10.2

Yes we are booting two SUSE distributions on the same PC but that will probably change with the dumping of the older version. For now the PC is pretty much as described here with three exceptions.

Doubled the Memory

We grabbed 128 more MB’s of RAM that we had laying around after another upgrade project. The total of 256 MB feel real good for this set up.


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