Blocking Bad Spiders With Spider Slap

I get a weird pleasure every time a system email comes in saying that the Spider Slap module has caused a bad spider to get it's IP blocked. It's for Drupal 7 only and is really just a simple use of the Rules module. There is no configuration  other than normal Drupal module installation and notification in robots.txt for the good bots to stear clear.

Trying MailChimp in Drupal

Drupal 7 has a stable module that integrates MailChimp now. The project page is found here.

I only recently became aware of MailChimp after seeing many incoming emails with the little monkey logo, so I thought it was time to see what it was all about. It has all options to allow it to conform to modern quality email sending standards such as opt in and easy un-subscribe. I have used Constant Contact before and this seems like a comparable service but with a nice free plan. Website owners can check MailChimp out to see if it will fill your needs.

Drupal Testing With Xdebug and Eclipse

I had so much trouble getting Xdebug and Eclipse working together that I had to make some notes here to reference in the future. I got so carried away with this quest that I got it running with both Xampp on my desktop PC and with Quickstart.

Shared Hosting for Drupal 7

I was asked in a forum not long ago if you could install Drupal 7 on shared hosting. I did a look through the hosting requirements found on, and gave the answer "yes if you are careful." The problem is that I had always used a VPS for my Drupal installs so I figured a test would be in order. The only shared hosting company that I use Is ICDSoft and I got them to agree to give me a free space just for a test install.

PcHousekeeping Goes Drupal

In the last few days we have completely redone with the latest version of Drupal which at this time is 7.2. It's an old site with a lot of content that is out of date, but we wanted to show that we could move from a fixed html site to a modern Drupal CMS.

Everything went fairly smooth. The page URLs have been preserved so whatever was indexed with the search engines should have the same traffic. A good bit of the content is still tied to PC maintenance which we no longer do except for family and friends.

Video From My Kodak Digital Camera

We won't be super technical here, but simply list what worked for me. This does not mean that it's the best way or the only way. I just had a lot of trouble getting help on the web for video with the Z612, and this is a way for me to document it and remember. If someone else is helped then great.

The Kodak Z612 outputs video in a MOV file which is an Apple QuickTime proprietory container file. I have had nothing but bad luck any time I try to run some of Apple's stuff on this PC, but that's probably just me.

Web Images and Video With Kodak Z612

I'm not new to digital photography, but this Kodak Z612 is the first one I could call mine. It's one of the EasyShare series, but we don't have the dock. We download from the camera to the PC with a simple USB wire.

The Z612 has:

Save Ink - Save Money

I have a HP Deskjet printer and have found that the printer is cheep compared to the cost of new ink cartridges. We don't need color for most print jobs so we save ink by setting the printer to default on "Black Only" and "Draft". This helps because color cartridges cost more than black, and you will even use less of the black with it set to "Draft" in the print setup.

Installing RAM Memory - It's Not Hard

Adding computer memory is where you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to trying to speed up your PC. This little page may give you confidence to try it for the first time. PC memory is relatively cheap now and a computer RAM upgrade can make a noticeable difference if you try to run several applications at the same time.

ICDSoft Hosting Review. We Have 8 Sites.

We don't have to test ICDSoft like the review sites, because we have been using ICDSoft hosting with eight live client sites for multiple years. We are on their USA (SAVVIS Data Center) and very happy with the service.


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