PcHousekeeping got it's start years ago cleaning computers of dust, eliminating virus problems, and fighting general slowness. Today the name really doesn't fit too well as most all of our time is spent on Drupal development. Our specialty is site maintenance and administration. We work with sites that are not Drupal based like WordPress, but our heart is now in Drupal.

  • Dusty power supply
  • After cleaning

Using the Node Export Module

I have finally got to try the latest version of Node Export. I had a node with multiple images in a field and at first I had trouble exporting the images. On the export side I had failed to check the "Files exported for content types" setting in /admin/config/content/node_export". After that I used the file download method and it worked like a charm.

Couldn't get any joy out of the sister module "Node export features" and disabled it.

Disable Breadcrumbs Module

Sometimes you want to selectively get rid of the breadcrumbs. They just look strange with some page configurations, and now with the Disable Breadcrumbs module you have all kinds of ways of controlling them. You can get rid of them "on a per node, per content type, or by path (any path) basis" and they will look fine everywhere else.


Latest Flag Module Branch

Giving the Flag Module 7.x-3.x-dev a try here. We have only one flag configured and it's designed to send admin an email if there is a Spam comment to an article node.

I'll need to enable comments for this article and add a Spam comment to flag


Speed Up Drupal 7 Performance

I read a motivational article entitled 5 Ways To Improve Drupal 7 Performance. I think it taught me something and resulted in some experimentation here at PcHousekeeping.

I have installed Boost and Memcached which are two of the tools mentioned in the article. A side effect of testing is the CDN module which came to my attention and is really nice.